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Courses and Workshops - Subjects, fees and requirements

Image - Development and Formation of Publics.
- Museums, Education and Public Art Strategies.
- Marketing for artist.
- Theory of Arts.
- Contemporary Art and Philosophy.
- Globalization, Culture and Art.
- Contemporary Thought and Art.
- Carrying out Productive art Projects.
- Artistic Education Methodology.
- Artistic Education as part of Personal Formation.
- Cyberculture.
- Fundraising for Art & Culture.
- Art Workshops.
- Strategic Planning in Cultural Projects.
- Issues Concerning Culture.

The main goal of these courses is to form professionals capable of favoring social transformation processes beginning with the cultural development of the community. With the means of an involving methodology, a way of doing and understanding culture, a compromise and a will of shared growth, we offer strategies, tools, experiences and abilities to face the different needs, problems and questionings of all those professionals who work in the social, cultural, artistic and educational ambits.

The profile of the applicant can be related to professionals interested in art, visual arts, and artists in general, cultural promoters, cultural managers and all disciplines which relate to art and cultural issues.

Fees, which vary in accordance to the hours requested for the course's duration.

 Total hours
 Possible frequencies
Seminar 60 hoursIn 4 separate emissions $ 4 900 USD 
Course 25 hours5 sessions of 5 hours  $ 2 300 USD
Course 20 hours4 sessions of 5 hours each $ 1950 USD
Course 12 hours3 sessions of 4 hours each $1500 USD
Course 4 hours1 session of 4 hours  $ 700 USD
Conferenc2 hours  $ 600 USD






 Technical requirements: PC projector, loudspeakers or PC audio (rca) and a classroom (with shutters –which permit total darkness)

Other requirements: If the course is to be imparted in any location outside of Mexico City, the transportation, food and hotel expenses should be covered.

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