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Othón Téllez

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    Othón Téllez - La adoración de la tierra  (Serie Le Sacre du Printemps) - Mixta sobre loneta - 144 x 300 cm - 1987



About the Artist

By Scott Allan

At the early age of nineteen, Othón Téllez's works had already appeared in three collective exhibitions. What could have been considered an early and unexpected explosion of talent, turned out to be the wonderful beginning of a career that has developed with security, dedication and maturity, consistently flowing with strength and quality.

Raised in a family of notable musicians and composers, Othón was the only one dedicated to the plastic arts. It only seems natural then, that the inspiration of this brilliant collection of paintings is none other than Le Sacre du Printemps, the always surprising and moving score by Stravinsky. Othón has approached this pivotal piece of music with an admiration and a degree of respect, which borders on devotion. This admiration and awareness for other artistic disciplines such as philosophy, music and literature, is a common characteristic of the young generation of painters in Mexico today.

The unusual gestures and explosive emotive force that is present in this collection of paintings translates into an invigorating experience reminiscent of Spring itself.

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